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Listen: HARDWIRE by André Molina

André Molina is a passionate singer/songwriter hailing from the Philippines and currently residing in Jersey City, New Jersey. With a decade of experience crafting his unique sound, André draws inspiration from a diverse palette of genres, seamlessly blending the infectious hooks of pop with the raw energy of alternative and punk rock. His music is further enriched by his affinity for anime, weaving a tapestry of emotions and storytelling.

HARDWIRE is an energetic alternative rock song that confronts the struggles of mental health. With a catchy, distorted chorus and a cinematic pre-hook, “HARDWIRE” is an exploration of resilience and personal growth. HARDWIRE is André’s seventh single, and his second release of 2023 - releasing on Friday, November 24.


Written by André Molina
Produced & Mixed by Bruno Fredes & Logan Brondo
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe
Drums by Mike D'Elia

André Molina
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