Brian Tan_Photo

Brian Tan is a Filipino-American artist that creates drawings in pencil and ink. He has contributed work that has appeared in various projects, including murals and apparel. He describes his work as a mixture of portraiture, wallpaper, and coloring book. By covering entire surfaces in a semi-repeating pattern, He intends for his work to create a ‘Where’s Waldo’ type of illusion that alters a viewer’s experience with each piece. The use of monochrome has carried throughout the majority of his work. The relationship between bold lines and empty spaces found in his work draw direct inspiration from artists whose work share these similar elements (ie. Keith Haring, Shantell Martin, Sam Cox). 

 Outside of the studio, he creates live art by collaborating with viewers and inviting them to add finishing touches to ‘complete’ a piece. These works become a living piece that reflect the audience/environments that they are created in. The purpose of this interactive work is to share a memorable experience with the viewer while simultaneously giving them a personal connection to the work.

 He is constantly observing how we interact with art and how we can bridge the gap between viewer and artwork. The exponential rate at which we are able to access and view images/artworks can and should be counteracted by the opportunity to sit down, reflect, and draw on what and how we look at something. 

He believes creating work that directly involves the viewer can have a lasting impact not only on the viewer’s relationship to art but also on how we understand the function and effects of art in our lives on a daily basis. 

 Lastly, he hopes to one day hold the world record for drawing the most faces ever.

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