John Phillip L. Crawford is a Filipino-Canadian photographer from the Philippines, shooting digital and film photography. Capturing the street culture and lifestyle of modern Filipinos in Manila is the main focus of his craft. From local brands to nightlife events, he creates images and shares it with the world through social media. He loves creating with his friends and building genuine creative connections.  

Most see him as a "John of all trades," because he tries to shoot everything and anything he's around. He believes the Philippines has millions of stories to tell the world, especially the creative scene, where Filipinos and Filipinas are making a mark and pushing a movement. Manila has a progressive creative scene where art, music and fashion can coexist in a third world country, showing the world Filipinos are highly creative and talented.

Freeze moments, make memories. If you don’t doet, you doet. Perfecting the craft. From Manila With Love.

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